Friday, December 5, 2014

Good Old Frosty

It was a long tough week when it came to painting.  I had a few days of appointments and errands but actually did find time to practice on a few pieces.  I've resorted to using the word "practice" because I don't think any of them are among my best work.   I continue to struggle to loosen up.  But hey, this is the year I decided to learn to I'll chalk it up to that.  A week of practice.

First...there were the few surviving flowers from a beautiful bouquet my daughter and her family gave us for Thanksgiving.  I had high hopes for this one...but alas, I think I missed the mark.  

The Last Bouquet, 12x9, pastel

Then,  I tried to shake the cobwebs out by REALLY trying to loosen up...

Loose and Bold 2, 5x7, pastel

And lastly,  in total frustration I went to my happy place.  I needed an old that always makes me smile and reminds me of just how good life really is...

Good Old Frosty, 8x6, pastel