Monday, December 28, 2015

Oh God...What have I done?

I said I wouldn't do it.  I promised myself and my husband I wouldn't do it again.  I'm always tapped out....exhausted after doing it... so I said I was done with that nonsense!  After all, I think I'm getting to old to push myself so much!!!!  Too tired to start such a project again!  Not sure it's even beneficial.... and besides which, I'm just toooooo busy!

But then..........

The call to artists came a couple weeks ago...."sign up for the January 30in30 Challenge" Leslie says.  Ha!  (I was solid in my decision)...."sorry, but no.....absolutely not this time'".   I've moved on.

And now, here it is December 28th and I just pulled the trigger and signed up again.  Oh sweet Jesus, what have I done?  Will I never learn??

Maybe this time it will be easier....stay tuned to find out.

Ok...This is an update as of January 5th for the above post....Please forgive my drama queen comments above...the Challenge isn't that bad.  Really it isn't.