Friday, January 15, 2016

Fly 16 - Olive Elk Hair Caddis

Olive Elk Hair Caddis
5x7, soft pastel

Day 16 is the beginning of the second half of the month...and I spent a portion of the day reflecting on the first 15 days.  I really wanted to take another stab at the Elk Hair Caddis.  While the first one was accurate, it had a light background and from an artistic was bland.

I began with different paper which is new to me but a common pastel paper, Sennelier's Pastel Card in Charcoal.  This time, I left the background alone, chose an Olive Elk Hair Caddis and just focused on the fly.  I was quite happy with it until I showed my husband who had a puzzled look on his face since he'd never used a green Elk Hair Caddis...oh well...I know there are some out there somewhere!