Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Along The Way

Along The Way
6x6, soft pastels

Today kicks off the 30in30 painting challenge and I have to admit I wasn't quite prepared.  I arrived home last night from a three day workshop taught by my favorite landscape artist, Barbara Jaenicke.  She is an outstanding teacher and artist...I highly recommend her workshop!  

While the workshop far exceeded my expectations, dashed were my hopes of having all the reference materials lined up; papers selected and cut to size; pastels cleaned, organized and set up; and the studio tidy and ready for 30 days of painting.  This is SO ME!  Basically organized...but a bit unorganized too.  My right brain and left brain are constantly at war with each other.

Today's painting was from a photo taken as we drove down the highway this summer (in Utah I believe) at 75 mph.  Its amazing that any photos turned out at all...but this one had a beautifully simple composition and gorgeous roadside flowers along the shoulder.  I like this composition so much, I think I'm going to paint it again!!!