Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fly 1 - The Poynder

Well, we're off and running with the January 30in30 Challenge!

The theme I chose is an artist's nod to the men in my life who love to fish...which is the case for almost all of them I think.  From my dad (who died in a fishing boat accident on the Mississippi) to my brothers, husband, son-in-laws and grandsons the love of fishing has been in my life since day one and is alive and well today. 

I'm sure throughout this month I'm going to learn a whole lot more about fishing...specifically about fly fishing...and more specifically about flies.  I'm planning on painting 30 flies and I've already learned that there are, probably thousands of various fly patterns!  

I chose this first fly solely because it's so darn beautiful!  I don't believe it's a fly that would be used here in the Pacific Northwest because it's an Atlantic salmon fly...a "wet" fly which means it goes under opposed to a "dry" fly which is designed to sit on top of the water.  

A shout out and special thanks to Monte Smith who has graciously allowed me to use his flies as my inspiration.  If you'd like to learn more about flies, check out Monte's blog at it's loaded with lots of fly tying instructions, images and other fishing resources.  Monte is a master at tying flies!  Who knows, by the end of the month, I may be typing my own flies!

                                                            The Poynder
                                                          5x7, soft pastel