Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Catch Up

It isn't that I haven't been painting's just that I've been painting walls.   A very boring task but a necessary evil to keep the house up to date.   In any event, I'll post what few paintings I HAVE been able to accomplish below.   The fly fishing theme is one I'm thoroughly enjoying!   I am hooked for sure!  

I'm also looking forward to a couple weeks in Wisconsin to visit family this summer and attend the Door County Plein Air Festival...where I hope to crank out a few more paintings.  Until then...

 Joe's Hopper, 5x7, soft pastel

Green Drake, 5x7 soft pastel

 Royal Coachman, 5x7 soft pastel

Opening Day, 8x10 soft pastel 

 Royal Coachman, 5x7 soft pastel

Grey Drake, 5x7 soft pastel