Friday, December 18, 2015

Boldbrush Win - An Unexpected Honor

Art competitions...haven't been my thing. I guess I'm as competitive as the next person but I really feel that I'm just beginning my journey as an artist (especially a pastelist). That said, I do understand the value of feedback. Especially when the feedback comes from an independent third party. 

I meekly entered a painting in FASO's BoldBrush Competition in October. There were many many excellent entries. Many talented artists out there producing stunning work. So, once I entered I promptly put it out of my mind. Then one day in November, I received an email from a collector who congratulated me on my win. WIN? What win was he talking about? I quickly checked online and sure enough my painting of Scooter received recognition as one of two Outstanding Pastels for that month.  The article below is one of the benefits of that recognition. 

I liken the experience to being hit by lightening. I don't expect it to happen again...but I was very pleasantly surprised and very humbled. Ok, I guess being hit by lightening isn't a pleasant surprise...but you get the idea.