Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Toy Boat Regatta - Oil

Toy Boat Regatta - Oil
10x8, oil on board
Painting 12 of 30:  I like this little scene because of the colors of the water that graduate from dark blue at the top, down to the sandy color at the bottom...and of course I like the cute little toy boats gliding about....and of course, the boat reflections.  Come to think of it, I just like the whole darn thing!  And best of all...painting with oils didn't drive me crazy today!

WIP:  This one below will be a larger version (12x16 unframed, probably 16x20 framed) of "Little Red" which was a small pastel painting I completed a couple years ago.  I've had a hard time selling some of the paintings I really like and this is one of them.  But, my walls are this one will be sold, eventually.  First, a quick sketch...

Then a little work on blocking in the masses and working a bit on the first couple layers.