Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fly 4 - Evening Breeze

Evening Breeze
5x7, soft pastel

Here in Idaho, we are experiencing a week of very cold weather.  So, the title of this next fly (a featherwing streamer) captured my imagination.  I’m looking forward to the cool summer evenings! 

Tying this fly consists of using copper wire, silver tinsel, pheasant and peacock feathers…oh yes, and a little white bucktail. I find it amazing the furs and feathers used it the construction of a fly.  

Below is an image of the anatomy of a salmon fly…for your enjoyment and my future reference.  While this is a salmon fly and not a featherwing streamer, you get the idea of what goes into the making of a fly.  The image is of a fly called a Silver Doctor tied by Jack Madden.