Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fly 3 - Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue
5x7, soft pastel

This fly is called a spey. What is a ‘spey’ fly?  The term is used to describe a type of fly featuring long body hackles. According to Monte, the modern steelhead speys look quite different than the classic spey, but they do retain a certain similarity in style.  I'll have to research the classic spey to see the difference.

The origin and development of the spey fly is attributed to Scottish anglers who fished along the River Spey in Scotland during the early 1800s.  A gorgeous fly!


  1. Cindy...what an original concept for "The Challenge" Great work all around and your blog is fun to read. I think if I'd read your reaction to signing up again I may not have signed up! I am finding it very demanding at a busy time (but just like a hooks and pulls you in!) All the best, Gillian.

    1. Gillian....I'm glad you didn't read my reaction to signing up...I will check out your blog! This is my fourth Challenge and each time I've tried to prepare ahead of time...the only difference now is I'm more comfortable with the medium of soft pastels and I'm not going to push myself as much as I did in the past. At least I say that...of course it's early in the month! Good luck Gillian and enjoy the journey!

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