Friday, January 8, 2016

Fly 9 - Royal Wulff

Royal Wulff
5x7, soft pastel

Well, yesterday I had wished I painted the Elk Hair Caddis on today I played with a black background.   I don't know if I'll keep it up...but it does jump out at ya!

Mr. Lee Wulff revolutionized fly fishing and fly tying with his Wulff series.  These flies were one of the first ever invented using hair instead of natural feathers for wings and tails.

The Royal Wulff is a go-to trout fly in my neck of the woods.  In the Mountain West the Royal Wulff represents the flying red ant hatches that appear during the months of August and September. Although, when asked what they represented Mr. Wulff replied smiling: "...not any one natural insect but more like a dessert...something after the main course, like Strawberry shortcake...something great big and juicy floating down the river."

Darn, now I need a sweet treat!