Sunday, January 1, 2017

Warm Sail - Pastel

Warm Sail
6x6, soft pastel
Day 2 of the 30 in 30...the same boat as yesterday only this time in pastel.  I like the warmth of the sails lit by the sunlight beyond the trees.

WIP below: I continue to work on the larger piece "Peaceful Morning".  I've painted it twice, three times before in different sizes.  I love this particular boat scene because its just so peaceful to look at and I want it on my walls (eventually if I don't sell it first).  Below is a shot of a closeup...notice the smudge on the back wall of the boat?  That's an example of what NOT to do while  painting with pastels.  Sometimes I will blend with my fingers in certain areas and for this piece I like the waters blended a bit...but using fingers is hazardous.  If there's pastel dust on them, going over a light section like the railing here can result in a fingerprint....(I like to leave my mark on a painting...but not my fingerprint).  Fortunately, a harder pastel such as a Nupastel applied lightly over the smudge can "erase it away".  Interesting that the colors in the painting above are very similar to the one I'm working on below.