Monday, December 21, 2015

Frozen Dog Day

This is Boone.  He's a very special dog because he's my grand-dog.  I had the pleasure of playing with the litter of pups (he is a Pudelpointer)...and helping to pick him out three years ago.  Before he was ready to leave his mom, I visited him and his litter mates several times.  Early on I could tell that he was going to be a good family dog.  More importantly though, the breeder said he was going to be a great bird dog for my son-in-law Jason and grandson Jake.  And that he is!

Boone goes to work on the family farm each day with Jason.  They share many many long days together working the farm.  But on this particular winter's day, it was time for some fun! 

Pudelpoiinters are breed to retrieve birds...a job Boone does well.  So well in fact I think he was completely oblivious to that fact that he was covered in icicles as he posed for his picture at the end of the day.

Frozen Dog Day
11x14, soft pastel