Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fly 6 - Copper John

Copper John
5x7, soft pastel

Almost every day so far I've said "I think this is my favorite"...well, today was no exception.  This is indeed my favorite so far and it's mainly because of the reflective qualities of the copper and beads.

Created fairly recently by John Barr in 1993, the Copper John is an attractor nymph. This fly is extremely effective in nearly all trout waters and has become the go-to fly for trout fishermen and women everywhere. 

This little beauty has many variations when it comes to the colors a person can use both in the wire, beads and feathers.  The most amazing thing about this fly isn’t just the gorgeous colors of the beads and copper but the size!  Because they mimic actual newly hatched nymphs, they’ve got to be very tiny (somewhere in the 1/2 inch range).  If you’d like to see John tying this fly check out his article: http://midcurrent.com/flies/tying-the-original-copper-john/

I now have a new appreciation for the usefulness of a vise for tying flies!