Friday, January 29, 2016

Fly 30 - The Lady Amherst

The Lady Amherst
5x7, soft pastel is officially the end of the 30in30 Challenge!!   I'm both relieved and a bit sad.  

There's always a lot of support (especially from family, friends and fellow artists) that really helps boost my confidence and willpower to make it to the end.  So, to anyone out there who may be reading this (I assume someone, somewhere does)...I say thank you for taking the journey with me.  I hope there was a painting or two that you enjoyed seeing during this past month.

Today's painting is the Lady Amherst (tied by Monte Smith) which is an early season Atlantic salmon fly, most commonly tied on large irons.  Even though this gorgeous fly is tied in the classic Ranger style, the Lady Amherst is not what purists consider a "true classic" salmon fly (having been invented  in post-Victorian era Canada in 1925 by George B. Bonbright).  However, invented that long ago, it's a classic in my book!

Like me, do you wonder how this fly got it's name? I was thinking it was named after English royalty.  But, I suspect it was because the main body feathers are from the Lady Amherst pheasant.   An absolutely beautiful bird!  

And, now you know...