Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why am I here?

I am on a quest to develop the artist within.  I began in earnest at the beginning of 2014.   I am fifty years behind!!!

When I was 8 yrs. old I realized I absolutely LOVE ART.  Actually...I love to CREATE.  I watched with amazement the artists programs on TV...even Captain Kangaroo had an artist on his program from time to time.  I took summer arts and craft classes at the grade school across the street from where I lived in Keokuk, Iowa.  There is where I was exposed to all kinds of fun hands-on activities.  

During high school the only art class available was a freshman class offered during my senior year (this was a catholic school with very limited funding in those days).  I did however attend a two week workshop at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay that same year thanks to my art instructor Mrs. Nila Jobe.  She found the workshop and helped two of her students secure scholarships to attend.  Without her...I would not have had that opportunity.  Thank you Mrs. Jobe!  

Attending the Green Bay workshop was the first time I was literally surrounded by artists and art instructors.  It was heaven to have such an opportunity to emerce myself in the pursuit of finding the artist within.   So kudos to all those teachers out there who guide and inspire students young and old.  You don't always know what your impact will be on someone else but to be a good teacher is an art in and of itself!

Personal priorities soon shifted to my primary purpose in life....my family.  They are the very best part of life.   As my family grows with each new generation...so does my love for them all.  Suffice it to say...they mean the world to me.  

A long career in "corporate America" was also rewarding.  I found many life long friends and had many opportunities to travel and develop new skills...but, it wasn't art...the work didn't speak to my soul. 

Artistically, I dabbled over the past 50 years with a handful of paintings in acrylic and even fewer in oils.  I had little time to commit to developing my expertise with either medium.  After retiring I focused on developing my drawing skills but I soon wanted color!   

So...here I am.  At 58 yrs. old I have found a passion creating art with soft pastels.   I want to share what I've done to get to this point...the resources I found, materials I use and the journey I'm on. Maybe there will be something useful to you.

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