Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Breakfast With Grandma

,For years I've had a few pieces of the "china" my maternal grandmother used daily.  I remember it fondly because I often stayed with her during the summer months in the teeny tiny town of St. Patrick, Mo.  She didn't have running water...we pumped water from a well outside the back door.  This also meant that we used an out house...which is another story altogether (maybe another painting opportunity).  Her house was two rooms wide...with a small pantry and back porch.  Suffice it to say, her teeny tiny house fit nicely into the teeny tiny town (I'm not sure the population ever got above 75...and today it's perhaps 10 or so.  

In 2001, my mother gave me one of grandma's old delapidated kitchen chairs.  After getting it from the Midwest to Idaho, I set about learning how to re-cane the seat and gave it a fresh coat of wood stain.  It's one of those treasures seldom used...but often admired.  

Both of these items came in handy today as I set about looking for a still life that had meaning for me.  The way the morning light streamed in from the kitchen window onto the old china gave it such a glow, almost as though it was brand new again.  With grandma's chair in the background,  I couldn't help but remember so many of those summer mornings as we sat down for breakfast.  For her, piping hot coffee...for me, fresh orange juice and always always fresh homemade bread slathered with butter and strawberry jam.  I so loved breakfast with grandma!

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