Friday, September 19, 2014

September Sky

Today is day 19 in the 30 in 30 challenge.  This is painting #20.  I felt the need yesterday to get a little ahead of the curve and post two pictures...having a bit of a cushion is easier on my psyche!  The challenge had been fun...but painful...exhilarating...but exhausting...rewarding...but defeating...and at the end of the day...satisfying.  The most satisfying aspect for me is being able to (very humbly) get out of my comfort zone and practice, practice, practice. 

Earlier in the month I declared to you (assuming there is someone out there reading this)...I declared that I am definitely not a landscape artist.   Then I reflected on that statement and told myself..."Hey!  Now is the time to force yourself to try and grow a bit and not accept defeat or hide behind an excuse!"   So, I've stayed in my "discomfort zone"...I've committed to myself to trying skies, earth, water etc. for the final two weeks of the challenge.  So...this is "September Sky".  A typical Idaho scene that my mind conjured up...but one that I'm sure I've seen over the years while travelling around the state...most likely on a fly fishing trip with my husband.  6x8 pastel 


  1. You most. definitely are a landscape painter and I agree with everything you said about the challenge

  2. I think you are a landscape artist! These are beautiful!