Monday, November 3, 2014

Couch Potato

Tubby is my little couch potato.  Ever since we lost his buddy Scooter this past April, Tubby has been at my side, day and night..night and day.   Each morning he has his breakfast and follows me into the studio where we sit together sharing a chair and ottoman by the fireplace.  I sip my coffee and read the paper or catchup with social media while he snuggles into the blanket for a short nap.  He does little else these days but seems especially content to sleep on the back cushions of the couch while I work at the easel.  Here he can keep an eye on what I'm doing and can occasionally gaze out the window in case a squirrel dares to enter his yard....or, he naps.  Most often he naps.  I surely love this little guy!
Couch Potato, 6x8 pastel

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