Monday, January 5, 2015

Backyard Ballet

Swim lessons, baseball games, picnics, and dance recitals are all things I love about the warm days of summer.  It's foggy, freezing cold and snowy outside...Oh how I miss those summer days!

This is Emily performing in her first ballet recital.  I believe she was two years old and so proud of her little pink tutu and sparkly tiara.  Recitals for Maddie and Emily always took place in the spacious backyard of their teacher's home.  It is there that parents, siblings, and grandparents gather to watch the kids' summer performances (I think the grandparents were even more excited than the kids).  It's a perfect way to spend a warm summer evening!

Backyard Ballet, 9x6, pastel


  1. I love your portrayal of everyday life. So tender and beautiful captured the excitement!

  2. Really lovely, Cindy. I can't think of a better way to capture a treasured memory.

  3. Each and every one of your paintings for the challenge made me smile! These are a wonderful way of saving memories. Lovely work! I will have to make sure I get back to see more of your work.