Friday, January 2, 2015

Say Cheese Frosty...Say CHEEZZZZE!

Oh my....Day Three of the challenge.  After today, I had to ask myself:
   1.  I'm not comfortable painting snow...why did I tackle three snow scenes right off the bat?
   2.  I wish I had built in a few "easy and quick" painting days...I'm in dire need of an easy day! 
   3.  I thought today would be easy since there was only one person in the painting...but I scaled the  painting down too small (6x8)...a fatal flaw.  Trying to get the likeness of my sweet grand-daughter was tough given that her face was all of one inch square.  WHAT was I thinking? Eeeh gads!!!!

(A couple hours and one beer later, I feel much better. I refined Maddie's eyes and smile a bit and will call it good for today)

This snowy day on the farm wouldn't be complete without a nice big fat snowman!  Maddie's smile was full is often the case for a young child taking a picture.  You can almost feel her exuberance.  Now, if she could only get Frosty to "say cheese"!

Say Cheese Frosty...Say CHEEEZZZEEE!
8x6, pastel


  1. What sweet pastels! I love how you did her great big smile, in a little space - wow! I really like looking at art, that takes me back to a time in my own life..we used to build snowmen (and snow horses) all the time, living in Colorado when I was a kid. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Cindy, these may be taking a lot of your time but wow! The results are wonderful. Another successful day. Don't stop I want to see more! And the snow looks good.

  3. Wonderful childhood painting! With a "family matters" theme - you are going to be hard pressed to find some easy days! Just think of how much you are going to grow this month! You had better lay in a good supply of beer.......

  4. Cindy you did a fantastic job! Keep right on painting. Let everyone love your work as you do.

  5. Cindy you accomplished a wonderful painting! It should be very valuable, to you, and others. Keep on painting! Best wishes.Glen.

  6. Really fun painting and beautifully done! even after a beer? nice! may have to try that :)