Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saguaro Sunrise

Saguaro Sunrise, 9x12 soft pastel
purchase painting: $125
How about one more cactus?  The Saguaro is another interesting cactus. This species grows very slowly.  It begins to flower around the 50 year mark and sprouts arm-like structures only after 75-100 years (if it sprouts them at all).  The Saguaro can also grow over 70 feet tall and live well over 150 years.  As we drive in and out of Phoenix we see thousands of them.  I'm always taking pictures as if I'm seeing them for the very first time.  Sometimes I think, if they could only talk!  I'd love to know what history they've silently witnessed.

How do you paint a horizontal 9x12 painting when your subject matter is so tall?  And still include shadows?  You zoom in really close.  An interesting look at a tall Saguaro.

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  1. Cindy - I love your Saguaro! They are the magnificent sentinels of the desert. Were you able to go to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix?