Sunday, November 15, 2015

There's A Squirrel In My Tree!

                                                      There's A Squirrel In My Tree!
                                                                      8x6, pastel
This is a common pose for a West Highland Terrier (aka Westie).  These spitfire dogs have attitude plus and are always on the lookout for varment encroaching on their territory.  They like to sit up as high as possible...which means the back cushion of a couch or chair is fair game (they prefer you position their selected piece of furniture next to a window of course).  Once a squirrel is spotted, my two male Westies would tear out of the room and sail through the doggie door clambering into the backyard to address the situation.  Tubby (the youngest) would actually sit under a tree for several hours at a time waiting for the squirrel to make his move.  The squirrel meantime would whip his tail and make menacing noises at both dogs hoping to scare them off.  This didn't phase them in the least. Fortunately no squirrel was ever harmed during these encounters...but they were sure fun to watch! 

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  1. Cindy, I love this painting! Westies are really cute, and you've captured the hair texture and the
    personality and attitude.