Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fine Art America - Fly Fishing Prints

Having finished the 30in30 Challenge and creating my collage, I was asked if I had prints to sell.  This is a question I've been mulling around for a year or so, trying to think of the best way to share my art with anyone who enjoys it without them incurring the cost of an original piece (yes, I'm frugal too).

So, I joined Fine Art America and put just a sprinkling of images on that site.  I suspect I'll add more as the days go by.  So, if you're interested in a print of a piece that's not on Fine Art America please let me know and I'll add it.  You can email me at:  cindygillettart@gmail.com 

If you're interested in purchasing a print, there are several options to chose from.  On Fine Art America you can purchase a print, see it in a frame and select a frame and matting if you want, or purchase the image as a canvas print, even tote bag or throw pillow!  Crazy, I know!  There's even an option for cell phone cases, duvet covers, T-shirts, and shower curtains...but for now, I thought that might be a bit too much.  If you disagree and want any of those products just let me know.

Have a favorite fly you'd like painted?  Submit a comment and I'll contact you directly for the details.  I've never met a fly I don't enjoy painting!

If you'd like a direct link to my Fine Art America page click below:
Cindy Gillett at Fine Art America

Or, click below to go to the general Fly Fishing search pages at Fine Art America:
Fine Art America - Fly Fishing Art

Also, what could be better than a comprehensive article on the Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing? Check out the article at Tackle.com:  https://www.tackle.org/ultimate-guide-to-fly-fishing/

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