Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lily Pad Down Under

Lily Pad Down Under
6x8, Soft Pastel

 Today I had a shot of inspiration from an artist buddy who is in Vienna, Austria today at the Albertina Museum.  She shared photos of works by Monet and Degas this morning...two of my favorite artists!  

I've been meaning to take a swing at lily pads for a couple years...and today was the day! I have quite a few pictures from various areas around Idaho and the Midwest...always imaging how awesome they might be...and I have to say, I had a blast painting this little study.   I think I'll paint a larger version!  I hope you enjoy!

The past couple months have been a blur.  Lots of travel, a long bout of influenza (I never get the flu!), a wonderful surprise birthday party, working on refining the Plein Air Painters of Idaho's website and preparing for a couple of art shows. Life is exciting right now...and yes, I have a few paintings to share that I haven't gotten around to posting but I hope to soon.  Thanks for reading!  And, if you're a fellow artist....keep on painting!  

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