Saturday, December 31, 2016

Warm Sail - Oil

Warm Sail
6x6, oil on board
This marks the first day of the January "30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge".  My primary goal for the "30in30" is to experiment with oil painting (I've only painted with oils once before...many, many, many years ago).  After I finish a piece in oil, I may sometimes paint it again using soft pastels.  My second goal for the month is to paint four larger pieces (most likely boats in soft pastel).  They'll be created in anticipation of an upcoming show in April at the Initial Point gallery located in Meridian's City Hall building.  I'll share my WIP (work in process) below. we go!  

Peaceful Morning
12x16, soft pastel
First a quick sketch:

Then I start laying in values...I have a tendency to put too much detail in this stage even though much of it gets covered up with multiple layers of pastel.  I hate losing the placement of the boat's boards and background I do it anyway.  This is how far I got...more to follow tomorrow.

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