Friday, January 6, 2017

Peonies - Pastel

Peonies - Pastels
6x6, soft pastel

Day 7 of 30, this little vase of peonies was a practice piece completed while taking an online class with Desmond O'Hagan...a very talented artist indeed!   His style is distinctive utilizing bold and passionate strokes in a very painterly way.  I learned a lot...but still need practice to minimize the details!  It's hard to be painterly!


  1. Like both the oil and the pastels, but you have a certain color vibrancy with the pastels. Desmond is a wonderful pastelist and yes I agree with you it is like herding cats to get loose. This is beautiful work

    1. Nelvia, thanks for the comment...back to herding those cats!

  2. This is gorgeous! Makes me want to get my pastels out again!