Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Studio

I absolutely love seeing the work areas and studios of other artists!  We learn from each other what works well and what doesn't.  

If an artist works from a home studio, sometimes it starts in a corner of the room or dining room table (in my youth, it was always at the coffee table).  Sometimes an artist's home studio is in the garage, attic, or in a separate building altogether.  Sometimes it's in a spare room, often a spare bedroom.  I would venture to say every artist has modified or moved his or her studio from area to area to achieve just the right fit for them.

I started in a small spare bedroom in this house (which was a luxury).  Then, once I started doing the 30in30 Challenges and my experience grew and materials multiplied, my husband came up with the idea of converting the master bedroom into a studio (he rationalized it was easier and less expensive than moving or adding onto the house, ha!).   

At first it seemed odd to take a large master bedroom and convert it into a studio.  But, in our case it was the perfect solution!  The biggest surprise was how much we liked sleeping in a smaller bedroom's actually much more cozy and romantic.  And, because we never fully utilized the master with it's beautiful fireplace, we didn't miss it at all.  But as a studio, the room is now a sanctuary!  It's right off the kitchen and utility room...making food accessible, cleanup easier and has it's own on-suite bathroom.

Recently, we updated the floors and got rid of the carpeting.  We also painted the ceiling and walls to a more neutral palette and I "decluttered" the room as much as I could.   Below is the "after" image.  It's a bit darker than usual because I took the photo in the early morning favorite time of day!
The After:

 The Before:

At the other end of my studio is a lounging area with sofa, TV and fireplace.  A perfect place to start the day, read, reflect and be inspired!  

So that's my studio.  It doesn't always stay this neat and clean but I'm so very thankful for the space to create!


  1. WOW! Very neat and clean and beautiful and inspiring and relaxing, and. . .

  2. What a super solution to having a good studio! I have never understood those super large master bedrooms as most people don't use the space. I was lucky and my husband renovated two small bedrooms off the laundry room for my studio. It is so nice to have a dedicated space for our art!

  3. Thanks for sharing. What a lovely and comfortable space. I am having problems with too much clutter. Seriously thinking of moving my studio from an upstairs bedroom into a new space in our basement. Many things to consider.

  4. What a blessing! Love your gorgeous space :)

  5. This is a beautiful spot to create. So glad you shared. It is fun to see other artists' studios and yours was no exception. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks Debbie! Of course, by now, it's pretty messy! Ah, the life of an artist can be quite messy.