Artist Bio:

Cindy Gillett is an Idaho artist who paints primarily with soft pastels and oils.  She finds the vibrant colors and immediacy of painting with soft pastels intoxicating and painting without paint brushes and solvents very freeing.  When she choses to paint with oils, she enjoyed the challenge of mixing colors on the palette and the buttery softness of applying oil paint to canvas.  Cindy constantly pushes herself to jump outside her comfort zone in order to experiment and grow as an artist and individual.

Cindy's painting style is Representational, focusing primarily on intimate scenes.  While critical elements of a successful painting are strong composition, proper values, and color harmony, she also concentrates on bringing out the individual qualities of her subject matter.  Those things that make a person, place or thing uniquely its own.   It may be the quality of light, reflections, shadows or atmosphere on the subject matter or simply its physical attributes.

Cindy has studied with nationally and internationally known artists and is a member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA), Pastel Society of the West Coast (PSWC), Northwest Pastel Society (NPS), and the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance (TVAA).

Cindy and her husband Vic reside in Idaho.  Together they have four children and seven grandchildren all of whom enjoy life in the Pacific Northwest.

Recent Awards and Juried Exhibitions:

Pastel Society of the West Coast, Juried Exhibition, 2017 Members Show, General Members - Best In Show

Boldbrush, January 2017, FAV 15%, Spaces and Places Competition, June 2016, Editors Pick

Pastel Society of the West Coast, Juried Exhibition, 2016 Member Show

Boldbrush, Feb. 2016, FAV 15%

Boldbrush, Oct. 2015, Outstanding Pastel

Plein Air Painters of Idaho, Annual Redfish Lake Paint Out, Sept. 2015, Second Place


  1. Hey Cindy - You are an truly and inspiration! -an artist friend told me of the 30/30 site- which is where I found your art work - and now I check everyday because I find it energizing - being the word inspirational is probably overused in the art world -lol. Amazing to see such diversified works daily - I love it!
    Curious to me I seem to click on paintings that are always of your art! So - today I must tell you how deeply I feel the soul of your artwork. The style and grace your paintings portray clearly of -The Artist Within.. . . . Your Peony paintings touch a thread in me that has been there my entire life - a wanting to do that - to be that, yet I never took time to nurture that desire. I started taking art classes - informal - only 2 years ago when I retired. I must say at first it was rather frightening, fortunately the core group of artists I met have since become good friends so I continue to brush-along.

    Thank you! thank you for participating in the 30/30 event - although I'm sure you've joined many, I found your there and it is quite a joy experiencing your work - and your website! Bravo!

    Gretchen Manthei; an artist-in-tow; leaping out of her lifelong box as a computer programmer and is learning to color outside the lines ;-D

    1. Gretchen you humble me by your comments. Thank you so much! Like you, I had to wait until I had the time and passion to pursue my art full time after retiring. At first, I beat myself up over just about everything I did. I didn't feel I could even use the word "artist" to describe myself. So, I set out to change that and along the way found a bit more confidence...and realized, many if not most artists don't love what they've painted...often "the magic" doesn't happen. But when it does it spurs us on to keep going chasing the ever elusive masterpiece. Hang in there...keep going, and paint as often as you can!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Traci...I don't recall replying to you. Perhaps I did via email. In any event, thank you so much for your comment. All feedback is welcome!!!

  3. Hi Cindy, I was at the vet just the other day and saw your pencil pet portrait, I absolutely loved it. I was wondering if you could do one (Mabey two) for me, and how much your prices are. If you'd like my email to contact me is, I look forward to hearing from you :).