Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Plum Crazy

Funny thing, I painted two pictures yesterday and tonight I'm so glad I did!!!  I can submit my second painting in the 30in30 and still be on track.   Today I was "plum crazy"...moving my little studio into our humongous master bedroom and moving the master bedroom furniture into the old studio space (which was an average sized spare bedroom).   My husband is a saint for giving up our master bedroom for me.  It was even his idea!  Actually, the new bedroom for us is now so quaint...and looks out on the beautiful front yard and common area across the street.  It's kinda romantic. 

The new studio space is going to be awesome.  With plenty of room to set up a painting area, office desk and framing/sketching table.  There's even room for a couch, chair, armoire and tv next to the fireplace (were my little dog Tubby will no doubt spend most of his time while I paint).   My dear husband will have plenty of space to sit and relax while he visits me as I paint away.  I think it's going to work out well.  Sometimes the solution to a problem is right in front of us. 
Plum Crazy, 8x6 pastel

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