Monday, September 7, 2015

Redfish Lake Boat Dock

Redfish Lake Boat Dock
6x8, soft pastel
Day 8 of 30 
We arrived at Redfish Lake a few hours early so my friend and I decided to get a bit of painting in before tonight's meeting. A very quick painting of the boat dock from the beach.   I'm not sure how this picture looks in daylight...we're now in our cabin and it's pretty dark in here! 

....correction....its now 12:30am and it's actually light in the cabin.   Why?  Because we have a mouse in here that we caught munching on a small bag of almonds earlier. We didn't actually catch him but scared him.  So now I'm a bit freaked out and have left my bedroom light on to deter him.  Last time we saw him he had scurried under the empty bed next to mine.  So of course the light is going to stay on all night.  I would go sleep outside in the car but I'm afraid of bears.

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