Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
7x5, soft pastel

I don't just seemed like a good idea to do a Halloween themed piece.  Better yet, I thought if I made a caramel apple from my favorite apple of all time...the red, juicy and delicious Fuji apple, then I could eat it after finishing the painting. 

YES!  That's it!!! What a great idea, huh? I have absolutely no will power and I mean AT (and my husband has even less will power than I do)!  So, unfortunately, I only made one caramel apple in a crazy attempt as self control.  

Oozing with sugary lasted approximately 1 hour before I split it in half and shared it with my husband (of course only after we added a heavy dose of crushed almonds to the outside caramel). OOHHH, was it ever good! My mouth waters now just remembering it!  The painting then had to be finished based on memory...which might be a good way of practicing my painting skills anyway.

So now I'm thinking I just might paint a whole series of decadent desserts...(one at a time of course)!!

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