Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fly 13 - Deep Dish Callibaetis

Deep Dish Callibaetis
5x7, soft pastel

A gorgeous fly created a few years ago by Curtis Fry (www.flyfood.com) is the Deep Dish Callibaetis which is a mayfly nymph.  This fly looks like it would be a very effective little fly.

Curtis says the idea behind this pattern was to make a somewhat realistic representation of the natural fly that could be tied in a variety of colors and sizes with a focus on the two-toned nature of callibaetis, the pronounced gills on the abdomen and the sparkley-ness of the emerging insects.  

Check out Curtis’s YouTube video where he demonstrates tying this fly.  He was much faster at tying it than I was at painting it!  

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