Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fly 31 - Orange Nymph

Orange Nymph
5x7, soft pastel's one more since January has 31 days in it!  

The Orange Nymph is attributed to Joe Cornwall of the Fly Fish Ohio website.  I have to admit...I started with one design and ended up with I don't know if this one is extremely accurate...but he sure is colorful!  Apparently, blue gill are really attracted to the color orange.  While this nymph looks like it's a late stage nymph, I would imagine it's fairly attractive to a lot of other types of fish as well!   

Ok, now I should confess. I have developed an addiction to painting flies. I don't know what it is...probably because many are so colorful and there are literally thousands of fly patterns to chose from.  So, I plan on painting flies from time to time...just for something fun and relaxing to do.  Enjoy your day!!!

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