Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jan. 30in30 Collage

Well, there they are....all 31 of the paintings of flies for the 30in30 Challenge.  The hardest part...was getting this crazy collage to save on my computer!   Eh...GADS!   Hope you are having an outstanding weekend!!


  1. I've enjoyed your series of fly fishing hooks. Who knew they were so pretty in pastel? Great job on every single one of them!!

  2. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching these. They were each so elegant and beautiful. I have a new respect for fishing flies.

  3. Beautiful work, art really can be found everywhere and you've captured it so well!

    1. Thanks Steph...your work proves that too!

  4. Cindy - It has been such a treat to see your daily flies! (that sounds a bit strange doesn't it?) :o)
    Each one is more beautiful than its predecessor. I can understand why you are hooked... (pun intended)
    Seriously - your work is so beautiful. I've got you on my Blog Watch - so I'll keep following...

  5. Cindy, you truly have opened our eyes to beauty in a new place. Congratulations on your pieces, what a remarkable collection!