Friday, September 30, 2016

Trouble Is Brewing

Trouble Is Brewing
7x5, soft pastel

I had my "zenful" music playing.  Peace and calm abounded in my studio this morning.  I had a great peaceful scene in mind with a lazy stream of clouds in the sky over fields of wheat...

and then... my husband started having printer problems.  

After three or four interruptions and an hour or so of collaboration, we resolved the problem.  However, the peaceful moment was lost along with what I had in mind.  Once I returned to the studio for the last time to continue my painting, "zen" was no where in sight!  I think it had something to do with employing the "other side of my brain"....or was it the level of frustration we had in simply connecting the printer to our wifi?   Hmmmm, I have to think about that.  Anyway,  having listened earlier in the morning to Stan Sperlak speaking about being honest and authentic in one's work (and I suppose in life too)...I let loose on my painting.  All my frustrations came spilling out (I even dropped and broke a couple of my Terry Ludwigs).  Oh well, the resulting painting and title were appropriate for the moment and completely honest.  

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