Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunbathing Trio - Oil

Sunbathing Trio
6x6, oil on board

I tried...really I did.  I logged onto YouTube and watched an oil painting video as I proceeded to paint my three little onions above.  I listened closely to every single instructional detail.  I bought the paints recommended and the ingredients to make my own mixing medium.  I decided on a subject matter that wasn't too complex and selected my board, brushes and palette colors I would use. 

I started the video and listened intently and followed the instructor's detailed steps on how to pre-mix all the colors I would use (at least most of them I would use)....but, somewhere along the way I broke formation.  In general, I have a hard time following someone else's steps...especially if they're time-consuming.   

Eventually, (once I get bored or I see a potential shortcut) my creative side defies authority in any form and I just start muddling through a painting on my own.  I'm a terrible student!  Even though I know perfectly well the instructor is a much better artist than I am and has valuable information to share.  If ONLY I would listen with patience and follow directions!

True to form, my poor little onions were left to suffer the consequences of my actions. I made mistakes. I got a little frustrated. And, I bumped and bumbled my way through it and then cried "uncle".   Oh well...there's always tomorrow!


  1. You are too hard on yourself. I think these are excellent. And following instructions is just copying, not art per lucky you that the part that's an artist doesn't want to.

    1. I suppose you're right...I just wish sometimes my expectations weren't so I feel like the renegade artist sometimes just out of control.

  2. LOVE them as they are Cindy! That's what learning is all about anyway, seeing how others do it an de making that process your own, well done!