Monday, January 9, 2017

Sunbathing Trio - Pastel

Sunbathing Trio - Pastel
6x6, soft pastel

Painting 10 of 30 - Sunbathing Trio in pastel...ok, done with onions for a good long time!  On to finishing Sunset Sail.

WIP:  Sunset Sail
Below are the first three steps on another larger piece titled "Sunset Sail" that I've been working on the past week.   I started with a very saturated bold underpainting...we'll see how it goes!

I'm getting there (or, I will get there come hell or high water).  This is what is often called "the ugly stage".  Where things are sort of coming together, but deep inside you wonder if you shouldn't trash it!  Layering, layering and more layering of pastel to eventually get to the mood I'm looking for....maybe that vibrant underpainting was a bit too much!  We'll see.


  1. Love the WIP and the onions are incredible.

  2. Love watching your progress on your paintings. It helps me see the process of others and your work is just lovely.

    1. Thanks Cate. I agree with you, I love to see someone's process...especially to know every (or at least most) paintings have that "omg, this is ugly" stage.