Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Jar of Peonies

Jar of Peonies
10x8, oil on panel

I'm so glad spring is here! My peonies are going like gangbusters.  Even though they haven't bloomed yet, they're going to be abundant this year.  As soon as they appear, I'm sure I'll be setting up more still lifes to capture their brilliance.  This little still life is in anticipation of that moment.  Another stab at oil painting.

I'm finding that I love painting with either oils or soft pastels...the challenge (for me) is in deciding which one to choose when planning a painting.  With oils...I have to wait for the painting to dry...then, varnish. The big payoff with oils is that I can put them directly into an open frame...whereas, pastels require glass.  When I do paint with pastels, I've been trying to frame them with non-glare glass.  This makes a big difference in presentation...especially for art shows but drives up the cost of framing.  With oils, I'm still learning the finesse of applying varnish.  Ah, the challenges of each medium!   Still......I'm having a blast!


  1. My peonies are coming up too! Can't wait. This painting is beautiful! I love the palette and how the light breaks on the left.

    1. There's just something about peonies huh Sharon? I found your blog and have to say, I just love your new studio. I would imagine it's quite cozy...especially in the winter with the stove. It's just a wonderful cheery space! Have a great day!!!

  2. A lovely painting Cindy. I wish my flowers were anywhere near coming up - the ground is still frozen here - sigh!